Chicory Soup

Soup made of chicory, oil, vegetables, broth, pepper, toasted bread and pecorino. A variation of this dish requires the addition of scrambled egg during the last few minutes of cooking. Ingredients 50 g of fat bacon olive oil 650 grams of chicory 4 eggs pecorino cheese salt chili 1.5 liters of beef only or beef/chicken

Lamb “Cace Ova”

It ‘a rich dish, which combines three protein components, the lamb meat, cheese and eggs. The dish is similar to the fricassee, i.e. the so-called soup meatS, which is made with raw egg yolks. Ingredients 1 kg of lamb meat cut into pieces 50 g of grated pecorino cheese 2 egg yolks flour 100 g


It’s a famous and delicious specialty typical of central Italy and produced throughout the Molise region. It requires a long and complex preparation and is traditionally prepared during the Christmas and Carnival holidays (although now produced throughout the year). The cicerchiata is made of small pellets or crushed donuts of sweet dough, hand-shaped and dip

Stuffed Mussels

Stuffed mussels is a simple recipe that, as an appetizer, will please you and your guests, and pairs well with the fresh white wines of the South. Ingredients 1 kilogram of big mussels 1 glass of extra virgin olive oil 2 cloves of garlic 1 tuft of parsley 1 hot chili pepper A handful of

Orange Salad

This appetizer is very simple to prepare and low in calories. It will give a touch of color to your table. Ingredients 4 oranges 150 g of anchovies in oil ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil salt Directions Wash the oranges and dry them. Slice thinly, without peeling. Place the slices on a “sperlunga”

Rustic Pizza

This pizza is well suited for quick snacks or as a base starter for evening with friends, always with a good glass of wine. Ingredients FOR THE DOUGH 300g of flour 100g of butter 2 eggs plus 1 yolk Salt Butter for the pan FOR THE FILLING 200g of dried sausage 400g of mozzarella cheese

Montanara Lentils

Soup made with lentils, tomatoes, basil, red pepper, bay leaves and chestnuts. A typical dish from the Molise inland served especially during the winter. Ingredients 500 g of lentils 20 chestnuts 200 g of lard 5 or 6 peeled tomatoes (or tomato concentrate) olive oil basil chili salt pepper laurel Directions In a pan with

Lamb stew with peas and fava beans

The taste of lambs is enriched by the sweet taste of peas and that more herbaceous of fava beans making this dish so enjoyable in its simplicity. Ingredients 1 kg of lamb meat 400 g of fava beans already peeled 400 g of fresh peas already peeled 1 onion 1 glass of dry white wine


These are fried donuts, made of a pastry shell and stuffed with a filling of chestnuts, dark chocolate, almonds and candied fruit. A perfect recipe for this time of the year when chestnuts are abundant and extremely tasty. Ingredients for the dough 450 g of flour 150 g of sugar 80 g of butter 2

Panna cotta

An easy-to-go dessert that always delights. It can be topped with caramel, hot chocolate or fruit marmelade. It’s up to you to choose. Ingredients For eight people 800 gr of whipping cream 160/170 gr of sugar 15 gr of gelatine foils (about 2 foils) Directions Bring the milk and the sugar to boiling temperature. Then