Defined as the likely capital of Higher Molise, the town of Agnone is entirely immersed in arts and nature. In order to enjoy the artistic magnificence and the thousand of years of history in the dazzling streets and squares of Agnone, let yourself go and admire marble portals and balconies with magnificent railings, outstanding bell towers and churches that spell out history and craftsmanship. Narrow streets and awesome alleys inside the historical downtown are adorned by raging lions carved in stone, handmade doors and ancient workshops where local gold craftsmen learned the art of filigree making from the Venetians of the XI century. Of the seven doors that initially gave access to the town, it is still today possible to admire the S. Nicola and S. Emidio doors, together with the one known as “Semiurno”. The Bonanni (XIII AD), Nuonno (XIII AD), Apollonio, Fioriti and Santangelo (XIV AD) are worth to recall amongst the ancient palaces of Agnone. Not to mention the numerous churches: San Emidio showing an elegant facade and a unique gothic portal, San Francesco with the unmatched wood-carved altar of San Crescenzo and the statue of the Immaculate Conception, the church of San Marco the Evangelist with a Romanic portal and the unmistakable bell tower. The bells are indeed the real trademark of the town. Agnone, an open-air museum, the most extraordinary town of Higher Molise.