Panna cotta

An easy-to-go dessert that always delights. It can be topped with caramel, hot chocolate or fruit marmelade. It’s up to you to choose.


For eight people

  • 800 gr of whipping cream
  • 160/170 gr of sugar
  • 15 gr of gelatine foils (about 2 foils)


Bring the milk and the sugar to boiling temperature. Then add the gelatine foils, previously dissolved in cold water and squeezed. Slowly stir the mix until the gel is completely dissolved. Then pour the hot creamy mix into one or more molds of you choice, preferably circular in shape, that have been coverd by cling film. Cool the panna cotta for about 3-4 hours in the fridge. Then turn the molds upside down and serve by the dish with your favourite topping.

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