Hiking - 1/2 hrs

Hiking trail - 3 kms - 200 m vertical drop
GPS beginning: 41.862056, 14.366245

From Guado Liscia to the cross of Mount Saint Onofrio - Agnone
Very pleasant excursion, suitable for everyone. The itinerary can be walked all year round, very suitable for an easy snowshoeing in winter. The path follows the route of the Via Crucis created a few years ago by a local association. It is very well kept and traced. In the summer the departure can either be chosen directly from the parking lot (in front of the forestry refuge in Monte Castelbarone), or, if you take 15-20 minutes longer hike, you can leave directly from the refuge of Guado Liscia (where, by the way, you can also enjoy excellent sandwiches/cutlery offered by Mina). In this case, just follow the grassy ridge that leads to the refuge. In winter this may be the only option, as the road leading to the forestry refuge is sometimes closed due to snow. The first part of the path is uncovered and follows a wide track on the grassy slope. After a first panoramic view on the nearby mountains of Capracotta and those further away of the Maiella National Park, the trail bends left towards NE and after a while enters one of the beautiful beech forests of the area. The climb is steep at times, but is easily overcome by zigzagging through the trees. After about 1 hour of slow walking, you'll reach the cross (where a place of prayer is currently under construction), a wonderful panoramic view over the valley of Verrino and the village of Agnone. If you want, you can go to the top a little further on, from where you can admire a wonderful view of the mother mountain (Maiella) and if you are lucky even the Adriatic Sea. You return on the same route.