Hiking Trail - 3 hrs

Hiking - 7 kms - 300 m vertical
GPS beginning: 41.751445, 14.253859

Hiking ring nearby Carovilli
It's a nice trail, very comfortable, ideal for families. The height difference makes it really suitable for everyone. The beginning of this itinerary can be reached by car on the road that from Vastogirardi leads to Cerreto (hamlet of Carovilli). The start of the path is on the left, a wide white road marked by a red metal gate. The path is very wide, not very steep and in a short time you will reach a beautiful panoramic point from where you can see the Monti della Meta in the Abruzzo National Park. From there you continue downhill, always comfortably, until you reach a large clearing, with a spectacular view of the plateau of Staffoli. A perfect place for a relaxing stop on the pasture grass. Leaving the grassy clearing, the path continues along a country road (we had to climb over a fence to gain access), but after about 300-400 meters it enters a thick scrub on the right of the road. The detour is not marked, and the track seems to be a trail traveled only by cattle. We are in the middle of the Tratturo sheep-track (this is the Celano-Foggia), the grassy tracks walked since the times of the Samnites and Roman armies, and here you actually feel a bit like an explorer... However, after about 300 meters of track you come to a sign of Sentiero Italia that makes it clear that you are on the right path. From here on the signs of Sentiero Italia are well distributed, but you have to pay attention. After walking along a wooden fence, you'll take a path that moves gently up to a grassy field with a fountain. From here again a paved road will accompany you for a long stretch, allowing you to admire the beautiful valley of Carovilli. Always pay attention to the signs! A wooden post will show you where to take again the path on the sheep trail that will lead you back to your car.