Hiking trail - 4/5 hrs

Hiking - 8 km - 400 m vertical
GPS beginning: 41.794580, 14.192628

From S.Amico hermitage to Monte Miglio - San Pietro Avellana
There are some places that leave you with special emotions. Those child places where you would have dreamed of all the adventures your imagination could conceive of. The woods of Monte Miglio is certainly one of those. The path can be taken directly from the town of San Pietro Avellana. You have to ask to locals, however, because the path starting point is not well marked. We opted to drive directly to the hermitage of Sant'Amico and start walking from there. After an initial steep climb, the path winds very easily in a beautiful oak forest and is well marked. It then crosses an asphalted road. Take left and continue for a few hundred meters until you enter again the woods on the slopes of Monte Miglio. A clear right turn, indicated, will guide you towards the cyclopean walls of the Samnites. This is their domain. There are two, three areas in the woods that let your imagination run wild trying to imagine how these tribes could have lived among these trees, rocks and fairy ravines. The place is perfect for telling to children fairy tales of gnomes and elves . Ours were thrilled. And we adults got carried away too (we have to be honest...). We climb up in almost religious silence. The climb gets steeper and steeper until the mighty walls appear, made of huge boulders, well finished and organized. What could it have been: a village? A fort? You just have to come and observe and imagine. The descent was very pleasant. It was a beautiful October day. We enjoyed it until sunset in the woods.