Hiking Trail - 4/5 hrs

Hiking trail - 6 kms - 250 vertical drop
GPS start: 41.812296, 14.258523

The trail of the ancient ruins
The beginning of this walk is easily reachable by car. The itinerary is particularly suitable for families because it does not present any particular differences in height or difficulty (except for the last stretch which we will discuss later). From Capracotta you reach the parking lot of the downhill skiing facilities and continue left for about 1 km following Carovilli-Vastogirardi direction. You will find the beginning of a gravel road on the right. You can park your car. Your walk begins. The walk is pleasant, the road is comfortable and allows an exceptional view over the village of Capracotta and the town of Agnone, down towards the bottom of the Verrino valley. The convenient dirt road will lead you to the Crocetta pass, a strategic crossroads for those who want to tackle more challenging walks. For this walk, turn left and go up a slight slope that will take you inside a dolina, a karst phenomenon that, together with some caves, is common in this area. Continuing along the path, we will reach the evident millenary ruins that testify the presence of the Samnite tribes up to here. No doubt they chose a nice place to stay! Not far away the overview is really unforgettable. And how about the fact that such a beautiful place can be reached so easily! At this point you can choose to walk back to the car along the same path. However, we suggest you to continue the hike entering the beech forest of Monte Cavallerizzo and take advantage of a couple of remarkable views on Pietrabbondante (where the Samnites have left us the fantastic ruins of the Tempio Italico) and also on Agnone. The path is also very comfortable here. Until a small spur of rock that must be overcome with the help of a fixed rope that was placed by the local CAI. No particular danger! However, a minimum climbing familiarity is required to avoid getting stuck in fear. The rope is very safe and helps. Over this point the trail gradually descends to the source of Fonte Netta and then easily rolls you back to the paved road that will take you back to your vehicle. Well done!