You’re probably asking yourself what Agnone has to share with the sea… Well, it could be weird, however a small region such as Molise allows choosing a stay in the inner countryside while planning a vacation at the beach. For a short afternoon or also for severl times while you’re spending your vacation with us here at Masseria Santa Lucia. A convenient and fast road connects Agnone to the beaches in Molise and Abruzzo. Moving from Agnone, it takes less then 45 minutes to stomp your feet on the sand and feel the breeze from the Adriatic Sea. Trust us as we do it ourselves with our children as we manage to get a few hours off the daily duties.

If you are a lover of wild beaches, than you have one single choice: Cape Aderci (Punta Aderci) near Vasto. It’s a  WWF protected reserve and you’ll find it so, as nature gives, with the protected sand dunes that face a warm and waveless sea, perfect for your kids. Don’tt expect bars and umbrellas, but just imagine a magical place. If, however, you want to feel more comfortable and find an umbrella and two beach chairs waiting for you, then go to San Salvo. You will find well equipped beaches to suit all tastes. This is the Abruzzo coast, the closest to Molise. But the border is marked only on geographic maps.

You want to go a little further south? Well, Termoli is your destination, with a wide beach and a very calm sea. Equipped beaches and proximity to a fishing village with a historic center very well kept this makes Termoli Ideal for a full day at sea, because you might decide to stop for the evening in one of the many restaurants in the old historic village. In addition, Termoli is the departure port for ferry boats to the Tremiti islands. There is nothing to say about this small and unknown archipelago amid the Adriatic sea. The images speak for themselves. Ferries depart from Termoli every day and reach the islands in just over an hour. Here you can rent small rubber dinghies and explore the many coves where the sea is extremely blue. Therefore, from Agnone to these Caribbean-like islands in about two and half hours. An experience not to be missed.