Suspended between land and sky. That’s the feeling you get when exploring the diverse territories of the Higher Molise. Higher Molise offers the visitors exclusive landscapes as well as environmental and cultural traits that undoubtedly make it a unique place within the Molise Region.Powerful historical vestiges, untainted forests, grasslands where raising cattle is still considered a chance of wealth, ancestral traditions and a gastronomy strongly anchored to the rural land, quiet towns that wait to be discovered: these aer the unsurpassed assets that Higher Molise can offer to you. You cannot be indifferent to the beauty offered by places like the gorgeous Agnone, an ancient city of art, awarded by the Italian Touring Club with the Orange Flag Certification (highest rank for respect towards the environment and culture). Throw yourself into the ancient Samnites history while navigating through spectacular remnants of their civilization at Pietrabbondante, a village perched onto rock cliffs and located at the crossroads between the most stunning Tratturo trails. We invite you to admire spectacular views over the Sangro Valley from Pescopennataro or unforgettable sunsets at Castelverrino.

You’ll find it easy here to forget the time running by.

Welcome to Higher Molise!